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As far as food goes, we offer a few eateries on the island or like many do,  you may bring your own food.
If you forget something, there's always the local store 5 minutes away. Just so no one gets confused, we are not a B&B, but a vacation rental. so we don't provide breakfast. However, we have complimentary coffee and tea and we provide a fully equipped kitchen ready for you to prepare meals. Just bring ingredients!
Don't feel like cooking?  We have a full-service restaurant and  a few cafes on the island that serves up delicious fare! 
Just keep in mind, prices are a little higher at the grocery store and you may not be able to get your favourite mayonnaise with our selection. Also, places close earlier than what you may be used to at home.
We are a 5 minute walk to the grocery store and a 5 minute drive to the famous concession stand!
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